Dear Louis,
My wife and I found the home of or dreams …and so CHEAP.
We were amazed. Then we found out that the house was located next to land that had been designated a Superfund Site by the Environmental Protection Agency. We couldn’t see any thing wrong.Maybe we need a Real Estate Broker to represent us. Are you available?
____ Cautious

Dear Cautious,
It is always good to have a licensed, professional real estate broker represent your interest when you buy property. A competent broker can save you a lot of time and money. Sure we would love to meet you. Give a a call. Louis 720.425.3768

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Superfund sites are areas that are contaminated with toxic substances that can have an impact on your health and safety.

Property values seem to suffer next to or close to Superfund Sites.

Below you will find information about Superfund Sites from the Environmental Protection Agency.…/search-superfund-sites-where-you-live

Also, here are some article from the National Association of Realtors about toxic sites and property values.…/field-guide-to-effects-of-hazardou…

In Colorado, Sellers have the option to give you a Seller’s Disclosure form that asks the question about environmental concerns. At any rate, most would consider a location right next to a Superfund Site a material fact and one that needed to be disclosed to any potential buyers, in writing. BUT what if the seller didn’t know that the property was located next to a Superfund Site?? Hard to imagine but it could happen. So, the Buyer should always do their own investigations about the property including zoning, covenants or restrictions that may apply,environmental hazards, oil and gas fracking in the area, and so on.
We will see you soon.




A friend from Reno referred us to you because you did such a great job helping him buy a home in Denver. We want to by a home in Denver, too, but we want to rent out a part of it as a vacation rental (for less than 30 days at a time.). Is that legal in Denver? Can you help us find a suitable house?   Eager

Dear Eager,
Yes, vacation rentals are now legal in Denver, in your primary residence.
However, by 12/31/2016, you must have procured a license from the City of Denver. Here is a link to the city’s vacation rental site:…/busines…/short-term-rentals.html

There are whopping fines for those who don’t follow the rules.

Here are two useful links. The first is for our unique Home Buyer’s Questionnaire:…/Home-Buyer-Questsionnair…
Fill it out and email it to us before you come for your first meeting.

The second is for the home search on our web site:

Some houses are more suitable as vacation rental than others. We can help you find a floor plan that will work well for you and for your guests.
Louis: 720.425.3768 /



Dear Louis,
My husband and I fell in love with tiny houses. We are getting ready to retire and sell the house that you sold us in Bonnie Brae. Can you email us some comparable sales in the area to get started? We are ready to unload our “stuff” and move on.
We’ve thought about buying a piece of land and building a tiny house to put on it and live in the mountains.
Any thoughts? _____ TINY

Dear Tiny,
Bridget and I have admired the Tiny House movement since it got started several years ago. Here is one site that we have enjoyed:

There is much to be considered before you buy land. What will zoning laws permit you to do with the land? Are there covenants and restrictions already in place? Is the land in a flood plain or has it been cited by the Environmental Protection Agency for environmental reasons? Is there a current survey? Is financing available? Is water available? Is there a well? Does it work?
These are just a few of the questions that you much ask before you buy. Here is an article that talks about some of the concerns:
Just give a call when you are ready to talk about your change in life style and we will be ready.
Louis: 720.425.3768 /



Dear Louis,
My partner and I have to move out of state. You did such a good job when you sold us our condo in RINO that we want you to sell if for us when we move.
The problem is my partner. He is morbidly afraid of having potential buyers coming in to our home when we put it on the market. He gets almost physically ill even at the thought of it. He works from home. I am going nuts. What do you suggest? __ NUTS

Dear NUTS,
You may be surprised to learn that many people suffer from anxiety at the thought of “welcoming” strangers into their home when it goes on the market. Luckily, the Denver market is very hot so properties that are priced right don’t stay on the market very long.

We can arrange to be there for every showing to help ease his anxiety. Or, we can arrange to have showings just at certain times when he might be out of the condo.
If that doesn’t help, you might want to consider taking a vacation for the week or two that it may take to get your place under contract. If he is still too anxious to get through the sale, you might want to think about moving out of your condo and renting a place in your new home town.
We are sorry to see you guys go. We feel like you are family.
See you soon.
720.425.3768 /



Dear Louis,
HELP!!! I need to sell my house but i found out that my sewer line is cracked and I can’t afford to pay to have it fixed. I am afraid that i will have to pay for a new sewer line if a buyer finds out about it when it is listed and sells. Of course, i am going to list my home with you.
What should i do?_____ Crazy With Worry

Dear Crazy,
When you list your house, I suggest that you complete the “Seller’s Disclosure” and include anything and everything that you know that may be wrong with the property including the cracked sewer line.
We will make all of this information known to brokers and potential buyers , up front, before buyers make an offer. Buyer’s do not like surprises. Buyers should ( but not always) take into account the condition of the property when they make an offer.

We will also encourage buyers to have their own inspections. After the inspection, if a buyer asks you to replace the sewer line you have 3 choices. You can say “no” or “yes” or, you can offer to pay for part of the job. If you need to set a value on the work we would suggest that you get a bid from a licensed contractor. You can offer the buyer a cash credit at closing and let them do the work after closing. Or, you could offer to do the work before closing.A credit at closing is much easier than doing the work yourself.

In this hot market it is common to get more than one offer IF the property is priced to attract buyers. If one buyer is reluctant to pay for the repair themselves, another one may be more than happy to take the house “as is”.
Contact me to set up an appointment. Louis Plachowski, 720.440.3562,


Dear Louis,
I have seen Coming Soon signs on listings around my neighborhood. What does this mean and will it help me get more money when I sell my home someday? __ Curious

Dear Curious,
We do not advise our agents to use “Coming Soon” signs when they list a property. Sellers get the best price for their property when it is listed in the MLS and exposed to the full market of buyers at the same time.This strategy creates excitement and a sense of urgency in the buyers and can generate several offers for the seller’s consideration. Also buyers seem to be more willing to share pertinent information like credit scores and bank statements that help the seller decide which offer to accept.
What benefit is there to the seller if nobody except a few of the agents’ buddies or clients or people who happen to drive by the property and see the “Coming Soon” sign, know that the property is for sale?
We believe that the clients interests come first.”Coming Soon” signs may generate more income for the listing agent if they are able to self sell the listing but they do not , we believe, work in the seller’s best interest.
See what the National Association of Realtors has to say about “Coming Soon” signs.…/coming-soon-is-it-in-the-seller-s-…



Dear Bridget,
My wife and I are moving to New York for a new job. A friend said that his real estate broker was so good that he sold their house even before it went on the market and into the MLS . It seems like that could save a lot of time and effort. ___ Moving On

Dear Moving On.
The only real way to find out what your property is worth, in this fast paced market or in any kind of real estate market, is to list it with a professional Broker and expose it to thousands of agents and their buyers…at the same time through the Multiple Listing Service.
When every buyer out there who is looking for a home in your price range and location learns about your listing … you will get invaluable feed back.
If your house is listed too high you will know it is too high because you will get no offers.
If you have priced it in the market range (especially in this fast Denver market) for houses like yours… you will get well documented offers right away.
You will know what your house is worth because the buyers will let you know what they are willing to pay.

It is not uncommon for houses in Denver to sell for more than their listing price. The list price is only bait… just like fishing. The only way to get information about the real value is by exposing your property to thousands of buyers through their agents. According the the National Association of Realtors, in 2015, 87% of buyers bought their homes through their real estate agent.

We’ve heard the horror stories about sellers “bumping into” the person who bought their home before it hit the market, at a cocktail party or while golfing. A seller will overhear a guy bragging about what a steal he got on his new home because the broker persuaded the seller to accept his offer before the house hit the market. When the seller realizes that the buyer is talking about him and his ex-home… the next step is the lawyers office. That listing agent could be in deep trouble.

If you would like information about how to get the most for your property when you sell, contact Broker/Owner Bridget Walsh: / 720.440.3562


Dear Bridget,
My new bride and I moved to Denver recently. A friend referred us to you and Louis because you did a good job for them when they bought their house.
The problem is the downpayment. My parents live in Kansas. They say that they are going to give us a 10% down payment on a home.
The trouble is , they won’t put the money in our account until after they see the place that we want to buy. The market in Denver is so fast that we are afraid that we will be too late. ___Frazzled.

Dear Frazzled,
We have faced this issue more than once. It seems that there could be “strings” attached to their offer. Parents sometimes remember when they bought their home for $24,000 in Kansas.

When they are standing in front of a little bungalow in Denver that is priced at $400,000, without even any land, they might balk at handing over the cash.
You should be sure that they understand the prices of homes in Denver and what you get for your money, before they venture out of Kansas. They might be thinking 10% in “Kansas dollars.”

Most sellers want to see that buyers have the downpayment, plus closing cost, in hand, verified in their name, in their bank account before they accept an offer.

We would be happy to supply you with information about the Denver market for your parents, before they arrive. Since they will be involved in the decision, we should try to involve them in as many steps in the buying process as possible…at least until you have the $$$$$ in your bank account.

Give me a call and we will get started on “Project Parents”.
Louis : 720.425.3768


wifeDear Bridget,
I am hysterical. My husband and I wanted to buy a house soon. When we visited one of the lenders that you recommended, she pulled our credit reports…. I found out that my husband had been married before. I had no idea. He never mentioned that marriage to me. I am crestfallen. I don’t know if i can ever trust him again. What do you advise? ______Hysterical

Dear Hysterical,
Buying a home can be a very invasive process, especially when you need to get a mortgage. Lenders seem to want to know everything about your background before they will approve you for a home loan. Sometimes that information can come as a surprise.

In addition to the lender’s questions, people who are buying a home with another person can find out things about the other person that never surfaced before the house hunt began.For example, you may find out that your co buyer has a less than perfect credit history, handles money in what you consider, an “irresponsible” way, doesn’t agree with your taste in houses or in neighborhoods, doesn’t see life unfolding as you do, disagrees on the size of house needed due to plans for a family, never envisioned your family moving in, or, as in your case, had a “secret” marriage. We cover many bases in our Home Buyer’s Questionnaire and that seems to keep surprises to a minimum.…/Home-Buyer-Questsionnair…
We suggest that you seek marriage counseling before you make any decisions about divorce or buying a house. It would be good if you were sure that the wife is the only thing that he forgot to mention. Could there be little ones as well?

Keep in touch and we hope that you work things out and come back to us when you are ready to buy a home…. with husband or ….

Successful Closing for our Buyers: 2680 Ash St. Denver

Our Buyer had his offer accepted on the first home that he wanted to buy. Working with experienced Broker like Louis Plachowski & Bridget Walsh , pays off. Experience makes a difference.Our Resumes.

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2680 ash

What is Homeowner’s Insurance?

Need more information about How to Buy a Home?
Contact: Louis Plachowski, Broker/Owner, LLC
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Denver Aurora Real Estate Stats / November 2015

0001 2

Should I Get A Home Inspection?

Q. I am buying a home. Should i make my offer contingent on a Home Inspection , satisfactory to me?

A.YES.You pay for an inspection becasue you are hiring a reputable,professional Home Inspector to let you know what you are buying. Many things can go wrong with a home.

Always Have Inspection Before You Sign on the Dotted Line.

Buying a newly constructed home is no guarantee that all will be well. buyers should have a reputable, licensed Home Inspector inspect the new home before you close.

Louis Plachowski ReElected, GPHC Board of Directors

Louis wedding

Louis Plachowski

Louis, the Managing Broker/ Owner of LLC, a boutique real estate firm in Denver, Colorado, was recently re-elected as an At Large Representative to the Board of Directors of Greater Park Hill Community (GPHC). 

GPHC, a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) in Denver, was started in 1961 by a group of concerned Park Hill residents.
Today, GPHC supports an important Food Bank for Park Hill residents who are in danger of going hungry. They also run a “backpack” food program for Park Hill children who might otherwise go hungry during times when school is out and free meal  programs are not available.
Among many other programs and interests, GPHC also publishes the community newspaper, The Park Hill News.
The Greater Park Hill Community
2823 Fairfax St., Denver, CO 80207

Thinking about buying or selling Denver real estate? Contact Louis:
Click here to email Louis : Call Direct:  720.425.3768. Click to see resume for Louis and his partner Bridget Walsh.



Louis Plachowski , Real Estate Broker/Owner

Louis Plachowski

Louis Plachowski Broker/Owner LLC


Louis has had decades of experience as a Real Estate Broker, Manager and Educator.
The commissions in a residential real estate transaction are usually paid for by the seller.

If you are thinking about buying a home, why not get the best representation possible?

Contact Louis: 720.425.3768

Median Sales Price of SF Homes in Denver

Denver median sales prices

Are you thinking about buying a home? Click here .

Just Sold 1735 Bellaire in Park Hill

1735 Bellaire

1735 Bellaire

Just Sold!
1735 Bellaire St.

We had the Buyer!

Lovely Park Hill bungalow just off of 17th Avenue Parkway.
If you are thinking about buying or selling Denver Real Estate contact Louis: 720.425.3768



Park Hill 2014 Real Estate Numbers

Park Hill 2014 Real Estate Numbers

Median Prices and Number of Sales

park hill 2014 3 med price

Park Hill Real Estate News

Park Hill Real Estate News

YTD Median Price & No. of Sales

Park Hill YTD # med price


3044 Street / Park Hill

3044 Street / Park Hill

Under Contract!!

3044 Eudora Street
In Beautiful Park Hill


3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths
Master Suite
Spacious Family Room with Glass Doors to Patio
Large Cook’s Kitchen
Bedroom/Office w Separate Entrance
Separate Laundry Room w Big Dog Wash Sink
Beautiful Garden

Contact Louis Plachowski: 720.425.3768

JUST LISTED / 3044 Eudora

3044 Street / Park Hill

3044 Eudora Street

3044 Eudora Street
3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths

Master Suite on main floor. Large, Remodeled, Eat-In, Cook’s Kitchen. Spacious Family Room with sliding doors to patio. Second Bedroom has door to outside. Third spacious Bedroom. Newer Baths . New Carpet. Separate Laundry Room with large dog wash sink.  Beautiful mature flower beds and vegetable garden. Wooden deck under large shade tree. Garden shed. Evaporative cooler. 1503 Sq. Ft.

Contact: Louis Plachowski, Broker Owner: 720.425.3768

Denver Listing Inventory is at an All Time LOW!

Help! We need your listing, now.

Listing Inventory in Denver is at an All Time LOW.

If you are thinking about selling real estate in Denver, now is the time to do it.
Buyers are standing in line to make an offer on your property.

Call Louis Plachowski, Broker/Owner,,LLC

March statsmls

Boot Camp for Denver Home Buyers

TrackBOOT  Camp for Home Buyers

The Denver Post recently ran a story about the terrible plight of people who are trying to buy homes in Denver . The number of homes for sale  is at an all time low in Denver. Buyers have to compete with other would be buyers  to “win” the chance to buy a home. The situation is so desperate that some Buyers fall from exhaustion after making many unsuccessful offers.

Buyers have to have stamina and winning strategies on their side. They have to learn all of the right moves if they are going to be successful home buyers. This requires a lot of training and help  from experienced experts who have successfully coached  hundreds of home buyers to the finish line and to  home ownership.

Boot Camp for Home Buyers

Get your own personal coach who will train you for success  and stay right next to you form the start to the finish of the home buying game. Learn all of the right strategies and moves necessary to cross the finish line a winner. You can take your place on the podium with the successful home buyers.

Get off that couch and sign up today.

Sign up today: Contact  your Coaches for Success: Louis Plachowski & Bridget Walsh Broker/Owners, LLC

Denver Home Buyer Assistance Program

Louis Plachowski  & Bridget Walsh,

Louis Plachowski & Bridget Walsh,

Would you like to own a home?

Need help with the Down Payment and/or Closing Costs?

You may be in luck if you have low or moderate income and want to buy in the Denver area.

Step 1.   Check it out:  Click here for details.

Step 2. Print Louis & Bridget’s Home Buyer Questsionnaire . Everything you need to consider when you are buying a home.

Step 3. Contact Louis & Bridget to set up a time to view their own, fun, fast paced, 60 minute presentation:

“Step-by-Step: How To Buy a Home”

Louis Plachowski & Bridget Walsh
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