Our Time Tested “How-to-Buy-a-Home”  Program

Louis Plachowski  & Bridget Walsh, DenverWelcomeHome.com

Louis Plachowski & Bridget Walsh, DenverWelcomeHome.com

1. Watch our step-by-step, “How-to-Buy-a -Home” Presentation

In 60, fun, short minutes,  learn everything you need to know to “Buy a Home” and avoid the Deadly Home Buyer Mistakes. Learn everything form how to choose a Real Estate Broker to how to tell what you are really paying for a home loan to how to negotiate a great deal and much more.  Click here to contact Louis, to set up a time for your Presentation. Or call Louis, direct: 720.432.8099. If you live outside of the Denver area we can make arrangements for you to view the presentation with a Real Estate Broker in your location.

2. Complete our FREE  “Home Buyer Questionnaire.”

Louis and Bridget, have decades of experience as Top Producing Real Estate Brokers, Office Broker /Manager for RE/MAX,  Prudential and Merrill Lynch, Real Estate  Agent Trainers, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Educators and publishers of Santa Monica Times, a newspaper on real estate topics. They have put all of that experience into their unique “Home Buyer Questionnaire” designed to help you find the right home in the right location and avoid costly mistakes.  Click for your copy: “Home Buyer Questionnaire” Remember, one “Home Buyer Questionnaire”for each Home Buyer.

3. Set up your  “Home Buyer Workshop.”

After you complete your “Home Buyer Questionnaire” contact Louis to set up your FREE, 60 minute,” Home Buyer Workshop.” Sign up for your FREE optional credit report and Loan Pre-qualification as a part of your Workshop. We will review  your Home Buyer Questionnaire” and set up your Plan of Action. If you live outside of the Denver area,  Louis can refer you to a seasoned professional who will use the same time-tested techniques and plans that we use at DenverWelcomeHome.com to help you find a home.

Be on your way to homeownership with our time tested “How-To-Buy -a-Home” program.