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If you are in search of a superior and thorough real estate company to list and sell any property in Colorado we can wholeheartedly recommend Louis Plachowski and Bridget Walsh, husband and wife team.  In October my brother Jon died suddenly while Bill and I were in Hawaii visiting Bill’s son.  We had to come quickly and since Jon was unmarried, I was named Personal Representative.  With the help of his many friends and a local mortuary, we coordinated his final services.   There was (and is) a bit of legal work with any estate and one of the stipulations in the will was to liquidate his estate and pay the many beneficiaries within the legal timeframe.  Thus we were in  a desperate need to clean out and list his Denver townhouse home as soon as possible.  Jon’s good friends, Sam and Paula, recommended Louie and Bridget and off we went.

Since we live in Florida, my sister Ann lives in Oregon and Jon had property in California, the speedy sale of the Denver property (Norman Unit – 5th floor) was truly a miracle.  And Louie and Bridget worked their backsides off to accomplish this.   It was lovely that a current owner and neighbor on Jon’s floor ended up purchasing the unit but only after Louis and Bridget had helped coordinate the disbursement of all the furnishings; hired and oversaw the removal of damaged carpeting and had the wood floors restored; + the cleaning of the unit and washing and repair of the windows in a very short time.  At the same time, they coordinated with the estate attorney and the homeowner’s association to discern troublesome legalities regarding the garages and storage areas.

I believe Louis and Bridget will do “whatever it takes” to help and prepare a property for sale plus coordinate excellent Open House events to attract appropriate buyers.  Bill and I could not be more pleased with their professional and pleasing approach.  Our bonus is the friendship we have developed over the last 4 months.

May they do the same for you and your family.  We are certain you will be happy and pleased with their expertise.


Linda Modrak & Bill Gallo


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To Who It May Concern

I lived on Eudora Street in Park Hill for over 30 years.  I met Louis Plachowski and Bridget Walsh when they purchased the home next to mine.  I was impressed by their diligence and work habits that applied to renovating their house.

When I time came for me to downsize and sell my home, I asked Louis and Bridget to list my property.  They did an excellent job of preparing the listing, arranging the web site and displaying the property.  They followed through with the open house and realtor network.  Their help getting the house ready to put on the market and “relocating” many items, was invaluable.  When the offer to purchase came within a few days of the open house they did a very professional job of handling the negotiation and subsequent contract.

The sale was closed in timely manner without any further complications.

I highly recommend Louis and Bridget to anyone considering the sale of their property.

Alec Garbini